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bonjour, y'all!

I'm a dash of Jackie O.  A pinch of Elly May.  A splash of Quelques Fleurs.  A jigger of pickle juice.

My friends call me Boots. My name is JoBeth.  I'm a southerner who adores a great tune, a delicious meal, beautiful flowers, a frilly dress, good manners,  leadership books and the perfect shoe.  For 13 years, I've been married to a curly haired guy I call "The Angler" and we love calling Little Rock home.   

I have a master's degree in nutrition. I spent 10 years helping others reach their health goals. Today, I work in business development helping organizations, small businesses,  and women become the best leaders they can be.   

Whether it's fashion, photography, food, faith, or gracious leadership, my prayer is to creatively inspire you to 

eat well • live beautifully • lead graciously

Thank you for stopping by!



Disclaimer: the views expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer)

whip it together wednesdays:: school, work, get out the door on time – oh my!

I’m sure (or at least hopeful) I’m not the only woman/mom to struggle with getting out the door on time in the mornings. Most mornings, I do pretty well, but then there are mornings like today.

I woke up on time, showered at normal speed, was dressed and ready to wake up the baby at the regular time, but I decided before waking her up that I would knock out a couple things on my to-do list. These to-do’s certainly could have waited until tonight, but I convinced myself they would only take a couple of minutes. Riiiight…45 minutes later, I clearly was not managing my time well and had to send JoBeth the text that I was running late. Oops.

So, even with the preparations I make the night before and even with the processes I have in place to help get everyone out of bed and out the door on time, I still have days where I run behind.

Here are a few of my tricks to keeping mornings on schedule at our house…


Manage Your Time Wisely

(I’m heeding my own advice as I write)

Know what you have to get done in the morning and don’t do any more than that. Trust me…the dishes in the sink will still be waiting from you when you get home tonight. It’s okay if they sit there for the day. Really it is.


My Secret Weapon :: The Organized Kitchen

For me, it’s really about minimizing steps in the mornings so that I can quickly grab and go. So my kitchen is set up to fit our needs. Take a few minutes to think about how your kitchen is set up and consider moving things around to be more efficient. Let me know if you need help doing this!

The Cabinet



Miller’s Cabinet ::

I keep all of her non-perishable food, cups and dishes in one set of cabinets. Her lunch box gets stored here each night as well. Packing her lunch in the mornings is super quick because everything is one spot and easy to grab. It also allows me to quickly put together her part of the weekly grocery shopping list!

Counter Top Storage ::

This bin is from Target. It’s a bit bright for my kitchen, but all baby stuff should be colorful in my opinion, so it’s perfect to hold a few necessities on the counter top and makes for a fun pop of color in the corner of the kitchen.


On the left are healthy snack options in case we have a food emergency and can’t wait any longer for something to eat. Her pacifiers, which are being used less frequently, are kept here too. It’s reassuring to always know where you can grab one in the middle of a melt down. On the right are her spoons, forks and straws–all items we use regularly and need to have back ups to quickly grab when she decides the fork she’s eating with should be on the floor rather than in her hand.

Not having to open a drawer or cabinet for these frequently grabbed things is nice and it’s super handy when grandparents or babysitters are over and not as familiar with where things are.


Fridge Drawer


Lunch Drawer in the Fridge ::

Miller and the hubs get their lunches packed each morning; sometimes I pack one for myself too. This drawer, which most families would store vegetables and fruit in, has been converted to the lunch drawer in our fridge. (veggies & fruit co-habitat in the other crisper drawer)

I take everything out of the cardboard/plastic packaging when I unload groceries and put everything loose in here. Again, it’s about minimizing steps in the morning and being able to grab the hub’s drinks for lunch and everyone’s “side dishes” and “dessert” at one time is awesome.

Greek yogurt at my desk is my typical breakfast, so these get stored there too and pulled out at the same time.



Other Noteworthy Tips ::

We aren’t big dinner eaters, so typically whatever I make for dinner the night before has leftovers which are put in Tupperware as I clean up the kitchen at night. They make for thoughtless lunches for the hubs the next day. It’s certainly worth cooking a bit extra for this reason to avoid cooking in the mornings.

I always prep the coffee maker right before I go to bed so that in the morning all I have to do is stumble to the kitchen to press brew.

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for creating the habit when I was little, but both Miller’s and my outfit for the next day are selected and laid out before I go to bed at night.

I am blessed to have a child who loves to sleep meaning that almost every morning I have to wake her ready for the day. This means she typically eats breakfast in the car on the way to daycare. (Hey don’t give me any grief…I do what I gotta do) Here’s a favorite healthy recipe that I like to make on the weekends and then freeze/store to reheat before we walk out the door. Miller gets a healthy breakfast each morning even if it’s eaten in the car & these aren’t very messy so they don’t destroy her outfit or my backseat.


I hope one or two of these ideas help you get out the door on time and if you have any secret weapons that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment.

Until next time…



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